A message from Advanced Trainee Rep, Dr Abigail Manjunath:

I have recently taken over as Advanced Trainee Rep and I’m enjoying meeting and getting to know the trainers and trainees across the different psychiatric subspecialties.  I attend the  School of Psychiatry meetings in order to advocate for the advanced trainees in the deanery.  Not only has this helped me to understand how postgraduate medical education is organised locally, but it has been great to see how committed the deanery is to providing excellent training. 

Through this role I have become involved in organising interesting and fun events like the SpREE (Specialist Registrar Education Event), and I have started to arrange regular Peer Group Meetings for advanced trainees.  I’ve noticed that I’ve become a bit of a “go-to” person for peers who have questions about their training.  I can’t always answer their questions but I’m happy to help!

I’m lucky to be working with so many outstanding, enthusiastic colleagues who are all aiming to ensure that the next generation of psychiatrists are not only well trained and clinically sound, but are also happy doctors.

Dr Abigail Manjunath (Advanced Trainee Rep, 2017)