This guidance is intended for all advanced trainees, to explain the requirements on them to carry out on-call work while they are in a training programme.

All advanced trainees are expected to take part in the on-call rota, including carrying out Mental Health Act assessments, within their programme and need to develop out of hours experience and experience of emergency assessments in casualty and other settings. This is an essential part of their overall training and these competencies need to be acquired through the full duration of their advanced training.

It is important to note that compensatory rest is available to trainees on the day after the on-call, should they require this.

Out of hours activity and experience would normally be reviewed in the ARCP process.

Under certain circumstances, it will be possible to negotiate with the TPD and consultant trainer, to reduce out of hours activity, if the trainee has difficult personal circumstances which make it impossible, for example to be on-call through the whole night. Where this occurs, it will be necessary to find alternative ways to achieve the emergency out of hours training competencies and the trainee may for example need to do additional emergency work within their daytime activities. This needs to be addressed actively and an agreement worked out with the TPD and trainer, prior to any decision being made to not be part of an on-call rota.

This guidance has been reviewed and agreed by the School Executive team in November 2012.

Guidance last updated: 08.12.12 by Dr R Macpherson, Head of School of Psychiatry, following discussion at Advanced Training Group.