The Role Of The Core Trainee Rep

As the core trainee chair I am able to meet with and hear experiences from trainees across the trusts and the Severn School of Psychiatry. I am positioned to be able to hear where training issues are occurring and learn and share where trainees have helped develop resourceful solutions to issues. This has meant that I have been involved in a number of interesting projects. This has improved my understanding of the methods of Quality Improvement and additionally given me the chance to work with a group of innovative and inspiring colleagues. As part of my role I have been involved in the Severn School of psychiatry induction for new Core trainees, giving me the opportunity to meet with and support new trainees entering psychiatry.

At the Severn School of Psychiatry meetings I am able to learn about how complex issues such as retendering of services affect trainees and trainers. When I have raised core trainee issues, such as those from service re-design, it has been encouraging to see how the Severn School of Psychiatry has been able to respond to trainee concerns and work to resolve problems. The Severn School of Psychiatry also focuses on ensuring the Core Training Course continues to be quality teaching and relevant to trainees. Through representing trainees at course planning meetings I have been inspired by the time and dedication of many senior colleagues in developing and delivering the core training course. Being able to gain experience from so many brilliant colleagues has made this a really enjoyable role.

Victoria Nimmo-Smith, core trainee rep 2015- 2016