Guidance regarding working outside training posts

This guidance seeks to clarify how trainees should be supported and supervised for any work they carry out outside their core training posts.  Examples would be if they were offered opportunities to do additional Section 12 assessments or even additional on-calls on the senior rota, in addition to their existing responsibilities. Additional experience gained could be helpful in the broader training and development of the individual.

Trainees should  discuss any potential work of this type with their Educational Supervisor and ensure that any work of this type would be feasible, alongside their other commitments.  This should also take account of any potential intrusion of such work into the trainee’s day to day work, which should not occur. 

If, as may often be the case, it is felt reasonable for the trainees to do occasional, small amounts of additional work alongside their existing posts, it would be appropriate sometimes for this to be supervised within their educational supervision, providing the supervisor has appropriate skills & experience.  Otherwise an appropriate supervisor should be identified.  

It is anticipated that such work would be considered as part of individual work scheduling, carried out between the trainee and trainer, within new training contractual arrangements.

 The full scope of the trainee’s work will always need to be considered at ARCP and this should be captured in the form R.  

School of Psychiatry Executive Team, November 2016