Educational and clinical supervisor approval for Core and Advanced Training in Psychiatry

If you are interested in becoming an educational or clinical supervisor in psychiatry, in the first instance please contact the TPD for the relevant programme (details in contacts). They will be able to provide you with advice and signposting. You should also contact the Medical Education Manager in your Trust as they have a key role in supporting and approving supervisors.

Training for Supervisors

You will need to have completed the mandatory training for supervisors. This is provided by HEE - Severn Postgraduate Medical Education, local NHS Trusts and via e-learning. There are seven modules (the ‘7 Pillars’). Educational supervisors must complete all seven, clinical supervisors need to complete modules 1 to 4.

Modules 1 to 4: Roles and responsibilities, assessments, educational appraisal, educational theory and practice
Module 5: ARCPs
Module 6: Equality and Diversity
Module 7: How to support trainees

Documents required for new approvals

  1. A brief C.V.. This must contain your GMC details including your revalidation date and that you are up to date with NHS appraisal. You need to confirm you are in good standing for CPD with the Royal College of Psychiatrists. You should state when you completed the mandatory training and provide information about any other relevant educational training or qualifications. Please ensure you provide the date your C.V. was updated. Those applying to be Educational Supervisors for advanced training must have a CCT in the relevant specialty. If your CCT is in a different specialty, please see ‘training outside the trainers CCT
  2. A description of the training post. This should provide a brief description of the post (clinical base(s), nature of the work (inpatient, outpatient, crisis etc.), information about the clinical staff in the team, description of the facilities (office space, desk space, IT etc.), and admin support (which must be provided for all aspects of the trainees work). Include a summary of the main clinical opportunities and other clinical experience available. A summary of non-clinical opportunities (management, teaching, research, quality improvement, supervision) is needed. Provide information about out of hours work (shift or on call, resident or non-resident, who else is working at that time, nature of the work carried out)
  3. A timetable for the Supervisor. Provide your own timetable with details of what activity you are doing, when and where. Ensure the trainee supervision session is detailed. You need to have 60% overlap with the trainee. For part-time consultants this will mean that at least 6 sessions coincide with the sessions the trainee is in your placement with you.
  4. A timetable for the trainee. Provide a specimen timetable for a full-time trainee in this post. Ensure the supervision session with you is detailed. For core trainees include attendance at the MRCPsych course and at any local teaching. For advanced trainees include the two clinical and two non-clinical special interest sessions and any local or regional teaching.

Re-approval for existing supervisors whose posts have changed substantially

If you are in this situation (majority of work in a new area/in a new site) your post will need to be re-approved. You need to provide a new job description and timetables. You do not need to provide a new C.V.. You should liaise with your Medical Education Manager in plenty of time to ensure that the post and the site have the necessary approval.

Process for approval

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