There are lots of opportunities to get involved in projects throughout the Severn School of Psychiatry.  This page details a selection of the interesting pieces of work we have been working on.


The Severn School of Psychiatry Buddy Scheme

This is an informal peer support network scheme for Core Psychiatry Trainees which was developed by Dr Leanne Hayward, ST6 and Dr Andrea Gnanadurai, CT3.  Within the scheme, new and existing trainees are paired up for the duration of training in order to provide peer support whilst settling into the Psychiatry training scheme. 

For more information on this project, please access the poster below:

Buddy Scheme Poster

Training Across Boundaries

Abstract taken from the paper

There have been substantial changes in postgraduate medical training in the UK in the last two decades. At present when trainees progress beyond medical school and Foundation training, they have limited opportunities to train in other disciplines or to learn more about specialties outside their chosen field. 

This paper describes a new initiative called Training Across Boundaries, targeting core psychiatry trainees, providing opportunities for psychiatry trainees to have placements in other specialties and evaluated this process. Feedback from structured interviews with the participants is presented.

The pilot seems to have opened up opportunities for cooperation and learning between doctors from different disciplines. The authors suggest that we need to think more about bringing training in psychiatry, primary care and medical specialities closer,  to improve the breadth and quality of training and patient care.

To read the full report, please access the document below:

Training Across Boundaries: A New Way to Promote Inter-professional Training

Severn School of Psychiatry Educational Fellowships

Summary taken from the paper

This report describes a model of training in leadership and project management skills for advanced trainees, using educational projects within the School of Psychiatry. Fellowships lasting one year have been developed to enable trainees, working with a senior consultant trainer associated with the School of Psychiatry, to support important new educational initiatives.

Linkage with the local University Training and Learning for Health Professionals research module has provided academic support for the trainees and the projects. Four examples for the first year of the programme are described and feedback from structured interviews with participants is presented.

The development of the fellowships appears to have had wider benefits, in developing educational faculty in the School of Psychiatry and the trainees involved have had opportunities to extend their project management and leadership skills. The fellowship programme is continuing to develop, based on feedback from its first successful year.

Severn School of Psychiatry Educational Fellowships: A New Way to Promote Educational Practice and Research


Advanced Communication Skills Handbook

This handbook was produced in support of the Advanced Communication Skills module of the Core Psychiatry Course 2014-15.  The Advanced Communication Skills course is run by Dr Guy Undrill and Dr Hannah Toogood and aims to build a good grounding in becoming an expert practitioner in Psychiatry.

Advanced Communication Skills Handbook


Bridging the Gap

This is an innovative joint education initiative for Psychiatrists and GPs in improving the knowledge, skills and quality of care for patients with medically unexplained symptoms.

For more information on this project, please access the poster below:

Bridging the Gap Poster