With effect from 1st April 2015, Severn Postgraduate Medical Education will be managing study leave on behalf of the Mental Health Partnership Trusts for trainees within the Severn School of Psychiatry.

Making a Study Leave Application

If you are a full-time Advanced trainee you are entitled to 30 days study leave within the year in line with your rotation.  If you are in Core training, your entitlement will be 15 days of study leave in order to account for the time you are attending the mandatory Core Psychiatry Course.  For those who are training LTFT, these amounts are pro-rata.  

Study leave applications must be submitted via Intrepid.  We can no longer accept applications made on the paper forms.  Please ensure that the online study leave application is submitted in advance of your course, conference, training days or exams etc.

It is essential that you obtain approval from your Educational Supervisor and Rota Manager using your local Trust procedures before submitting your study leave application online.  Please note that the normal study leave approval process will also need to be followed within your Trust.

You still need to submit an application on Intrepid even when you are not intending to claim any expenses. If you are not claiming any study days from your entitlement because the course is being held on the weekend or because you are not on call, please mark ‘0’ in the ‘no. of days applied for’ box - this will also be the case for Psychotherapy trainees who are submitting an application for reimbursement of personal therapy costs.

Logging in to Intrepid for the First Time

If it is your first time logging in to Intrepid, retrieve your log in details by clicking the “forgotten your PIN or password?” button on the left hand side of the homepage.  Enter your email address in the box on the next page, and then click “send PIN reminder” and “send password reminder”.  Your log in credentials will then be emailed to you.

Reclaiming Study Leave Expenses

The financial year runs from the 1st April to 31st March.  Within this time period you may claim for reimbursement of study leave expenses in accordance with our study leave policy.  As of April 2015, Intrepid will now be used to also reclaim study leave expenses - we will no longer accept paper expense claim forms and you will be asked to follow the new online process.  

A study leave expense claim is not created automatically despite the fact you upload estimated costs to your study leave application; you must follow the below guidance to activate an expense claim. 

Following attendance at your approved study leave activity, you should return to your study leave application on Intrepid and do the following:

  • Upload scanned copies of your proof of payment for each cost you will be reclaiming from your study leave budget (receipts or invoice stating amount “paid”), along with your certificate of attendance, to the “documents” section. 
  • Enter the confirmed amount of each cost into the “amount claimed” fields, and then “submit cost” for each one. 

You will have then submitted a study leave expense claim to your School.  In due course your School Support Manager will review your study leave expense claim(s) and release funding from your budget as appropriate.  You will receive an email confirming this and the details of your reimbursement. 

Claims which do not satisfy the above requirements cannot be approved for processing.


  • It is essential that you log into your Intrepid account and upload your bank details to your personal record (and continue to manage these if they change) before you make a study leave expense claim. 
  • Receipts for course fees must have the name of the course/conference on them.  If your receipt does not state the name of the course/conference then we can also accept an email from the course organiser confirming your payment.  The same applies if you do not receive a certificate of attendance.
  • We cannot pay study leave expenses to trainees whilst they are Out of Programme (unless they are "Acting Up" within Severn PGME)
  • We cannot reimburse international flights.
  • We cannot reimburse exam fees.
  • We cannot pay for any claims without proof of payment and proof of attendance.
  • We can only pay up to £55.00 per night accommodation unless the accommodation is in London.