The Severn School of Psychiatry offer support for trainees. In this page, we have aggregated resources available to trainees in the Severn School of Psychiatry. The list is not exhaustive, and we welcome suggestions for additional entries.   

Educational Supervisors

All trainees meet with their supervisor for an hour of protected time each week for supervision. This is an opportunity to discuss professional development, reflect on practice, think about career progression, review the portfolio review, and discuss any issues arising in the placement.

College Tutor

All trainees meet with the College Tutor at the beginning and end of each placement. This tutor oversees the training in a particular area. This is an opportunity to discuss progression toward ARCP and issues arising. They will also attend your ARCP.

Training Programme Director

Linda Heaney oversees the Core Training programme. She is available in case of difficulties with a placement, need for career breaks, or other issues to do with training.

Dr Linda Heaney:

Buddy Scheme CT1-CT3

The scheme sought to develop an informal support structure for the duration of training by matching each core trainee with an advanced trainee. We thought that a relationship with an advanced trainee would be beneficial by enabling core trainees to gain insight from trainees that have first-hand experience of the specialty. We are still looking to improve the scheme and always appreciate feedback from trainees using the buddy scheme.

Dr Andrea Gnanadurai:

Communication Skills Sessions CT1-3

These are held as part of the Core Psychiatry Course teaching programme.   

Dr Hannah Toogood:

Peer Support Group CT1-3

The Trainee Support group provides a space for trainees to come together to share experiences and learn from each other. Discussions might include finding opportunities for teaching, research, preparing for ST4 application, eportfolios, interview practice, communication skills, cultural differences or sharing knowledge of local systems.  We also invite inspirational speakers to share their experience of training in psychiatry as well as preparing for the MRCPsych exam. We meet at least once a term during the lunch break on the Core Psychiatry Course.  

Dr Viviane Nzouonta Ngwompo:

Dr Josie Lee:

Dr Ami Kothari:

One to one CASC support CT2-3

For those undertaking the CASC exam, we are able to pair up trainees with an advanced trainees for one to one sessions. This might particularly benefit those who are not able to access other trainee CASC practice groups, and or who prefer a one to one tuition, or who may be seeking extra support.

Dr Viviane Nzouonta Ngwompo:

Dr Josie Lee:

Dr Ami Kothari:

Coaching and Mentoring

There are two Advanced Trainee Coaching and Mentor Leads, who oversee the current mentoring schemes and are developing further opportunities for trainees. They can be contacted for advice about getting involved in receiving or delivering coaching and mentoring across the Severn School of Psychiatry.

Dr Josie Lee:

Dr Ami Kothari:

Severn Professional Support Unit (PSD)

The Severn PGME Trainee Support team aims to help promote trainee well-being and personal development by providing support and assistance in tackling obstacles or key transitions - professional or personal.

Professional Support and Development (PSD) provides access to a range of support and development resources for qualified doctors. The aim of PSD is to help improve the quality of patient care through assisting practitioners to fulfil their potential and perform at their best.

Royal College Psychiatry Support Service

The Psychiatrists' Support Service is a free, confidential support and advice service for members, trainee members and associates of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. It provides psychiatrists in professional difficulty with advice, support and signposting over the telephone.

International Medical Graduates (IMG)

Useful information about training and working in UK as well as how to become a member can be found on the RCPsych's website.  

Bradford VTS has put together a helping resource centre for both trainee IMGs and trainers.  

International Medical Graduates (IMGs) are those who completed their primary medical qualification outside UK. While many are able to make the transition of working into the NHS with minimal difficulties, evidence suggest that problems often arise during initial orientation and may sometimes extent into the clinical practice.


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