Severn School of Psychiatry Guidance on trainees’ use of workplace based assessments

Draft, Version 1.1, march 2015

This guidance has arisen due to a lack of clarity in the Royal College of Psychiatrists portfolio online system and to ensure that trainees understand how to use the system.

Below is guidance from combined College and local guidance, developed in Severn School of Psychiatry. It covers all psychiatry trainees in this School.


  1. Assessors need not have prior knowledge of the trainee.
  2. Assessors should be a Consultant, SpR, StR, Associate Specialist, or senior nurse, psychologist, occupational therapist or social worker with appropriate skills & experience, who feels confident to assess.
  3. CT1 - CT3 trainees cannot assess each other and ST 4-6 trainees cannot assess each other but ST4 - ST6 trainees can assess Core trainees.
  4. Trainees should use a range of different assessors
  5. Trainees are advised to  exceed the minimum Nos of WBAs needed as specified in the curriculum for their specialty programme.
  6. Assessments must be done throughout the placement (ie not just in the last few months before the end of placement or ARCP).
  7. The consultant supervisor should carry out a range of assessments over the course of their placement, so as to assess change in the course of the placement.
  8. Overall, the majority of assessments should be made by consultants who are also trainers.
  9. Trainees must include their educational supervisor when selecting colleagues to contribute to their mini PAT assessments.
  10. Re advanced trainees acting up & post-CCT award: Both trainees acting up (which is an in programme activity) and post CCT are still ST trainees so could not assess other trainees, at that level. They can do WBAs for core trainees.
  11. Guidance about the number & range of WBAs required each year of training (pro-rata for flexible trainees) should be obtained by the trainee through consulting the programme specific requirements in the curriculum for their programme.

Authors: Rob Macpherson, Head of School; Linda Heaney, core TPD