Quality Panels

Quality panels take place annually and are the time when we review the quality of all of the training posts in a programme. In Severn Psychiatry we usually hold our quality panels in September or October to review the training for the previous year.

There is one quality panel for each training programme, although advanced general adult psychiatry and advanced older adult psychiatry quality panels are usually combined as there is so much overlap in posts.

Before the quality panel, each trainee will get an online survey to complete for the training post they have been in. We aim to collect this information at the end of the training year, after the summer ARCP's (so in late June or early July). These surveys provide really useful evidence about various aspects of the post that contribute to the quality of the training, so please get them completed! We know that posts that provide high quality training are also most likely to provide high quality care to patients, so there are multiple reasons to be interested in quality.

The quality panel is organised by the Training Programme Director (TPD). There is always a lay representative to ensure processes are followed and that rating of posts is accurate.

In core training, we aim to have all of the trainee reps attending, but any trainee is welcome to attend. The Tutors also attend, but any educational supervisor is welcome to attend.

In advanced training, as our programmes are relatively small, all trainees are invited to attend, as are all educational supervisors.

For a really successful quality panel there should be more trainees than trainers as it is the trainee voice that is essential.

A range of evidence is considered alongside the online survey: GMC trainee and trainer surveys are considered, any information from visits to training sites and any other 'soft' information.

The outcome of the panel is a quality rating for each post. Exception ratings can also be given where one aspect of a post is significantly different from the overall rating. For any concerns, e.g. where a post or an aspect of a post, is rated as inadequate, an action plan is agreed. We do visit sites where there are concerns with the aim of working with senior colleagues and managers to improve the quality of training. Occasionally the Deanery quality team need to become involved.

The quality panel report is drafted and shared with those attending. The final version is also shared with Trust DME's and the Deanery Quality Team.