Workplace – Connecting you with your peers and extended opportunities in Severn

You can access Workplace here

Workplace is a professional networking site. It allows you to connect with other psychiatrists and trainees in Severn. We hope it will support the network of psychiatrists locally, allowing us to find out about opportunities which interest us, promoting collaboration and shared learning, and cutting down on mass emails. We are piloting it locally on behalf of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. We have an active community of users and you will find information and resources including:

  • Upcoming Conferences and other educational events
  • Opportunities to participate in local medical education projects
  • Articles and videos on Medical Leadership and Neuroscience in Psychiatry

Getting started

All doctors training in Psychiatry are invited to create an account on Workplace and the user guide will help you get started. Please ensure you behave professionally on the platform, in line with GMC guidance on the use of all social media and RCPsych guidance on the use of the Workplace platform (viewable when you sign up or log in).

Is it linked to Facebook?

Workplace is created by the same company which makes Facebook but is entirely separate and is only accessible by people with RCPsych Workplace accounts, not the general public. It is not linked to personal Facebook accounts.

Quick links

Workplace login page

Workplace user guide

GMC guidance on use of social media