Policy for application to endorsable subspecialties in General Adult Psychiatry training

Version 1 December 2014

The Royal College approves endorsements with the GAP CCT in the following areas:

  • Liaison Psychiatry
  • Rehabilitation Psychiatry
  • Addictions

Endorsements are usually awarded following an approved 12 month post in the relevant sub-specialty. The most suitable time is generally at ST5, assuming that the core year is completed at ST4.  This then allows for a period Out of Programme ‘acting up’ as a consultant at ST6 level.

A year spent in a different sub-specialty such as Eating Disorders or Neuropsychiatry may be equally valuable in gaining specific competencies, but does not attract a specific Endorsement.

Where trainees have, after discussion with the TPD requested an endorsable post, in general this will be possible & will be done as part of the standard allocation process.

Limited posts are available in some subspecialties attracting an endorsement.  In the case of over-subscription, posts will be allocated according the following fair and transparent process:

Process for post allocation:

Applicants will be invited to attend a 15 minute  interview station, where they  will be asked to present their portfolio to a panel comprising (as a minimum) the TPD, a specialist from the subspecialty and a lay person. The applicant will be invited to outline their training interests, clinical experience, research, teaching and management experience and how this relates to their application. They will be expected to demonstrate how their training experience has led to interest in the specialty they are applying for and also their reasons for their interest in this field.

 Applicants will be rated according to the strength of their application and portfolio by panel members and posts will be allocated to the highest ranked candidates according to their preferences.

Trainees unsuccessful in securing a subspecialty post will be considered for other posts in the scheme alongside other trainees.