Core Trainee Representative Job Description

Role: Trainee representative

Post Duration: Up to 2 years

Benefits Of The Role:

  • Greater understanding of Severn School of Psychiatry organisation and roles within training framework
  • Opportunities to demonstrate leadership and project management skills
  • Opportunity to gain experience working in committee structures
  • Develop understanding of training and recruitment issues at a national level


  • An interest in recruitment and training and representing colleagues
  • Good time management and organisational skills
  • Effective communication skills
  • Be able to reliably commit to attending meetings and managing projects
  • Have support from your TPD prior to applying

Trainee Responsibilities:

  • Trainee representation at Severn School of Psychiatry level¬†at relevant committee meetings
    • Ability to call on network of personal contacts for information, canvas opinions and advice. This will include working alongside other trainee representatives and coordinating roles.
  • Dissemination of information from these meetings to trainees
    • Representatives will need to ensure timely preparation of reports to feedback to colleagues
  • Take a proactive approach to enhancing training
    • Including contribution to and leadership of new and existing initiatives and forming part of the committee to develop Severn School of Psychiatry¬†training
  • Co-ordinate advertisement of post at end of position and election of successor
    • This includes arranging a formal handover

Severn School of Psychiatry Responsibilities:

  • To work with trainees to improve training delivery
    • If there are issues outside of the Severn School of Psychiatry remit, then to direct trainees to the right channels
  • Administrative support to fulfill the role
    • To aid with the dissemination of information
  • Expenses to cover travel to meetings
  • Support for leave to attend meetings
  • Recognition of the role at ARCP

Description updated by VNS & RM Oct 2015