Advice for Prospective Trainers

Please read all of the advice here and the information about how to apply. For further advice you can contact the relevant training programme director.

Core psychiatry: Dr Roz Ward

General Adult Psychiatry: Dr Claire Taylor

Old Age Psychiatry: Dr Tiff Earle

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry: Dr Phil Norman

Learning Disability Psychiatry: Dr Suraj Perera

Forensic Psychiatry: Dr Elizabeth O'Mahony

Medical psychotherapy: Dr Thanos Tsapas

You should also be in contact with the Medical Education Manager for your Trust as they will have a key role in your approval. You should be able to find their details on your Trust website.

Training for Supervisors

To be accredited as a clinical or educational supervisor you will need to have completed appropriate training. The training requirements are set out here.

Details of when the face to face training sessions are running is available here. Look for the sessions listed as Educational/Clinical supervisor training modules. All the local NHS Trusts that provide Postgraduate medical training run these training sessions, you can book any of them that have availability, you do not need to wait until your own organisation runs it.

Once you have completed your training, you will be accredited as an educational supervisor and you will need to apply to become a trainer.

Recognising Training undertaken elsewhere

If you have worked as a consultant in a different region and have completed the Educational supervisor training there, you do not need to repeat this. You will need to provide evidence of the training you have completed. If it has been completed within the UK it should be equivalent to our training and should allow you to be approved. See how to apply to become a trainer.

Remaining Approved as an Educational Supervisor

To continue in your educational role you are required to engage in educational CPD (half a day a year or one day every two years) and have an annual educational appraisal as part of your NHS appraisal. Severn PGME provide courses and workshops for educational CPD. You can find details here. There are many other courses and conferences that provide educational CPD. The School of Psychiatry provides an annual Faculty Day for Educational Supervisors which fulfills the requirements for educational CPD.

Advice about providing supporting information for educational appraisal is here.

If you stop having trainees for a period of time, e.g. to take on a medical management role, it would be advisable to continue to maintain your educational supervisor accreditation by continuing educational CPD and including this in your annual appraisal. If you decide not to do this and later want to have trainees again, you will be required to complete the full educational supervisor training before you can be approved as a supervisor.