Overview of the Forensic Psychiatry Training Scheme

The training scheme in forensic psychiatry offers four core training placements, 3 in a medium secure setting and 1 in a low secure setting.  Each placement’s weekly timetable compromises 6 clinical / educational sessions, 2 special interest sessions and 2 study / research sessions.

Trainees generally rotate annually, however the date of rotation can be flexible to meet the trainee’s needs.  In addition to the core training placements there are specialist training placements available within the women’s medium secure service and the personality disorder outreach service, the Pathfinder service.  Both Consultants in these training specialisms are trained as educational supervisors. 

The base for the forensic psychiatry training scheme is at a purpose built 80 bedded medium secure service, Fromeside, North Bristol.  We work side by side with our sister low secure service on the same site, the 29 bedded Wickham unit.  The rotation allows for wide exposure to sub specialties within forensic psychiatry, in a variety of clinical settings and with a variety of Consultant trainers over the three years.

The current Training Programme Director is Dr Elizabeth O’Mahony based at Wickham low secure service.

There are a number of Consultants who take responsibility for educational supervision of advanced trainees:

Rosanne Macgregor-Morris, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist at Fromeside.

Peter Wood, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist and Clinical Director

Theresa Tattan, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist, Women’s Service

Tim Amos, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist with a special interest and expertise in forensic research

Dan Beales, Consultant Forensic Psychotherapist, Pathfinder Service

Elizabeth O’Mahony, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist, Wickham low secure service

The service is ward based and you will be attached to one clinical team.  However, there is the opportunity to work in all areas of the medium secure service whilst attached to one educational supervisor.  There will be the opportunity to assess cases referred to medium security and then manage them through the acute setting.  There will be the opportunity to do assessments in high secure and a variety of local custodial settings.  Inpatient cases can be managed by the trainee under supervision and regular liaison with the Ministry of Justice, the writing of reports for the Criminal Justice Service and Tribunal reports.

In the specialist medium secure service there is the opportunity to work with Dr Theresa Tattan in the Women’s service to carry out assessments for women for medium security.  This service is quarterny and provides medium secure care to women for the whole of the South West of England and this placement can be linked in with a local clinic at HMP Eastwood Park, the local women’s prison.  It is also possible to carry out assessments, and run clinics, in the local male remand and sentenced prison, HMP Bristol.  Furthermore it is possible to gain experience of offenders who may become patients in other specialist custodial institutions in the local area.  There is also the opportunity to carry out Parole reports and work for the Court Assessment and Referrals Service to provide expert advice to the Courts within the catchment area. There is the additional opportunity to gain experience working in the FIND team, a specialist forensic team managing those with neurodevelopmental disorders and/or learning disability under the leadership of Dr Hannah Toogood, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist. The FIND team have 8 inpatient medium secure beds and provide a liaison, assessment and consultation service to the catchment area.

The programme allows for attendance at a full range of educational and supervision opportunities.  This includes the routine weekly supervision with the educational supervisor, reflective practice on the ward, peer group supervision, structured training days and the local forensic academic programme.

There are a range of teaching opportunities available including larger presentations, small group teaching, medical student teaching and mentoring, multidisciplinary teaching and there are also opportunities to work with the local Police, Probation and Prison services in implementing and delivering teaching and training packages.

There is the opportunity to gain experience in management and leadership by working with the educational supervisor, getting involved in local management projects, and shadowing the Clinical Director.

The timetable below is an example of a possible week.  There is flexibility as to when prison sessions, special interest sessions and research sessions are taken.

There is also the opportunity to engage in a variety of research opportunities within Fromeside.

Example of Timetable

Research Interest: Forensic Services for Women, Old Age Mentally Disordered Offenders, Interface between Prison and Mental Health Services, Management of Complex Schizophrenia.





Inpatient clinical work

Weekly: 1 hour of supervision

Special interest, local prison


Team business, ward round

CPA reviews



Research / special interest

Audit, management, leadership project

Monthly: 13:00 -14:00 Psychotherapy supervision.


Research / special interest

Research / special interest


Secure services referral meeting. 

Forensic medical educational programme / peer supervision group.

Business meeting

Research Session

Oncall commitment 1 in 15 with covering Consultant Psychiatrist for the low secure and medium secure services.

For any questions, please contact Dr Rosanne Macgregor-Morris on Rosanne.macgregor-morris@nhs.net