The Severn School of Psychiatry aims to have trainees at the heart of all that we do. Trainees are represented at all School meetings and we welcome feedback and comments from all of our trainees. Each advanced training programme has a trainee representative. These lead roles are chosen by the trainees on the programme and generally change each August. Please ask your TPD who the current rep is and contact them if you have any questions or comments. There are some other representative roles with the school including a trainee quality lead and a trainee lead for LTFT training.

As well as a rep for each programme there is an Advanced trainee group chairperson. You can find out more about this role in the job description

As a School we do really want to hear from you if you have anything to tell us or questions to ask. Although the annual quality panel is a time to reflect formally on your experience in your training post, we do not want you to wait until then if you have concerns. We are aware it can be easier to raise concerns with another trainee and the representative for your programme is a good place to start. You can talk to the advanced trainee chairperson who can represent your views at various School meetings. You can also get in touch with either your TPD or the Head of School directly using our email contacts on this website.