Advanced Training in Psychiatry

Trainees can move to Advanced Training (ST4-6) either as part of the run-through grade (until 2010) or through open competition via national advertisement and recruitment.

The Severn Graduate School of Psychiatry offers the six major sub-speciality Advanced Training Programmes leading to a sub-speciality CCT. These are in:

  •  General Adult Psychiatry
  •  Old Age Psychiatry
  •  Learning Disability Psychiatry
  •  Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  •  Forensic Psychiatry
  • ·Psychotherapy

Three (3) further ‘endorsements’ are available in:

  •  Rehabilitation Psychiatry
  •  Addictions Psychiatry 
  •  Liaison Psychiatry

A National Guide to Training

Please see the Occasional Papers Section of the Royal College Website by clicking here.

This document provides guidence on the standards for psychiatric training that the Royal College of Psychiatrists recommends, and so the guide may be used to support the Quality Assurance of psychiatric training. It is not intended to cover every detail and aspect of training but it sets out standards as they apply across all psychiatric training. This guide has been written to provide an overview of postgraduate training in psychiatry.

The guide is intended to outline the process of training for a doctor in training in psychiatry and so assist them in meeting the requirements of the Curriculum. This replaces OP65.

Training Post Feedback

All advanced trainers are asked to use this form to obtain feedback on the post from their advanced trainees.  Please use this form at the mid-point of a post and again at the end of a post.

Advanced Training Post Feedback Questions