Services in Gloucestershire

NHS Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability Services in Gloucestershire are provided by the Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust, covering the localities of Cheltenham, Cirencester, Tewkesbury, Gloucester, Stroud, and the Forest of Dean, with a total population of 570 000.

The health community is served by a CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group NHS Gloucestershire), Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust. The configuration of the commissioning bodies is coterminous with Gloucestershire County Council boundaries forming the boundaries for NHS Gloucestershire.
Services throughout the County are community based, having developed following the resettlement into Gloucestershire of residents from the Bristol Hospitals and the settlement in Gloucestershire of people in private and voluntary sector homes. Community Services are delivered through Community Learning Disability Teams based in four localities (with two satellite sites) with access to in-patient assessment and treatment beds.

In addition to the services provided by Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust there is a wide range of accommodation in the private and voluntary sectors with 1300 residential home beds across the county for people with learning disabilities.

The philosophy of the services is to support people with Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability in living normal lives, accessing primary health care and generic services whenever possible. Specialist services provide specific inputs where appropriate to optimise the health outcomes for people with Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability.

Medical Staff:

Consultant Psychiatrists:

Dr Hannah Treadway

Forest of Dean


Dr Joanna Kingston


ST4-6 Trainer

Dr Heena Hargovan


ST4-6 Trainer

Dr Karen Poon

Cheltenham/South Cotswolds/Cirencester

ST4-6 Trainer

Dr Mark Scheepers

N Cotswolds


Non-consultant Staff:

  • Core Trainee when in post
  • Specialty Trainees when in post ST4-6 up to 2
  • GP cover for inpatient units (contract with local surgery)


Description of Services

There is easy access to the refurbished Postgraduate Medical Library at Cheltenham General Hospital and an active Postgraduate Medical Centre at College Lawn, Cheltenham or at Redwood House in Gloucester, where the postgraduate education programme is held. The main Psychiatric Library is held at Wotton Lawn, the psychiatric hospital in Gloucester.

Community Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability Teams (CLDTS) and In-Patient Facilities

There are four community teams for people with Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability and divided in to three localities:

North Locality:

Cheltenham CLDT: Dr Mark Scheepers- Base: Leckhampton Lodge, Cheltenham.

This team covers:

Cheltenham, Tewkesbury and North Cotswolds.

Cheltenham and the South Cotswolds are covered by Dr Karen Poon. Dr Poon works across the catchment area that is split between North and South Locality. Dr Karen Poon - Base: Leckhampton Lodge, Cheltenham.

West Locality:

Forest of Dean CLDT: Dr Paul Winterbottom/Dr Helen Sharrard - Base: Colliers Court, Cinderford

Gloucester CLDT: Dr Heena Hargovan - Base: Fieldview, Gloucester

South Locality:

Stroud CLDT: Dr Joanna Kingston - Base: Weavers Croft, Stroud

The Teams are multi-disciplinary and professionally led; they include a Psychiatrist, Clinical Psychologists, Community Nurses, Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Physiotherapists supported by a team clerk. Specialist Social Workers work alongside the CLDT but are based in Social Services.

Team members work mostly with adults although some professional groups provide significant input to children. Increasing emphasis is being placed upon transitional support for young adults.

Forest, Stroud and Cheltenham CLDTs are co-located in locality hubs  with other psychiatric specialties providing opportunities for cross-specialty liaison. Gloucester CLDT will be co-located soon.


In-Patient Facilities

Hollybrook, Stroud (4 beds)

This Habilitation and Treatment facility has provided longer term habilitation and treatment for people with Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability, an Autism Spectrum condition and behaviour that challenges. All are detained under the MHA. Most of the patients have been supported into community based placements, where possible, and the plan is to develop an intensive outreach service that will be able to support people in the community when all of the patients have been moved into community placements. Hollybrook is due to be closed when Berkeley House opens.

Berkeley House,Stroud (5 flats)

In future, Berkeley House will open on the Hollybrook site.  There are five individual flats that each have their own bedroom, en suite, lounge & dining area and a snack kitchen that can be closed and locked. The intention will be for Berkeley House to offer assessment and treatment to people with Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability who are not able to access mainstream services.  

Westridge, Standish (2 beds)

Until recently the  assessment and treatment in-patient service was based in Westridge but this is now closing down.Two patients are still in this unit detained under the MHA  but are shortly due to move to community placements.

Wotton Lawn, Gloucester

The Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability Service has access to beds within this mental health unit (working age adult) for the assessment and treatment of adults presenting with borderline to mild Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability and mental illness who can appropriately access services within this hospital.

Charlton Lane, Cheltenham

The Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability Service has access to beds within this mental health unit (later life) for the assessment and treatment of adults presenting with borderline to mild Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability and mental illness who can appropriately access services within this hospital.


Other Specialist Services:

IHOT TEAM (Intensive Health Outreach ) based at Charlton Lane Centre, Cheltenham.

Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability Intensive Support Services based at in-patient facilities, Stroud.

Autism Spectrum Diagnostic Services for adults without Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability, based at Lexham Lodge.