Psychiatry of Learning Disability (Intellectual Disabilities) RUN THROUGH TRAINING   


If advertised through the national recruitment process, Severn may offer run through training in CAMHS or Psychiatry of Learning Disability (Intellectual Disabilities)


The CAMHS post ensures that a trainee is able to complete all of their core and advanced training in the NHS England (formally Health Education England) South West.

The successful candidate will complete one ST2 level post in paediatrics, and will otherwise complete a further 5 core psychiatry posts with the Core trainees in psychiatry. All the training opportunities available to the core trainees will also be available to the CAMHS trainee.

The trainee will have the same training opportunities as higher specialist trainees in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry after completing the MRCPsych. The trainee will have the additional benefit of mentorship from a more senior CAMHS trainee.


The Psychiatry of Learning Disability (Intellectual Disabilities) post offers 

  • guaranteed six-month post in Learning Disability (Intellectual Disability) Psychiatry as part of the ST1-ST3 rotation.
  • Allocation of an ID ST mentor to support the trainee through their ST1-3 years.